New contracts

At the beginning of September, EnergoService signed contracts with Kozloduy NPP for a period of two years for the maintenance and repair of three control and management systems.

The contract for the Maintenance and Repair of the Computer Information Management System [CIUS] “Ovation” in the first and second circuits and the Radiation Monitoring Systems [CPM], 5 and 6 units of the plant is concluded for the fifth consecutive time.

Under the second contract, EnergoService will perform maintenance service of the System for operational monitoring and maintenance of parameters of the water-chemical regime [VHR] along the first circuit of 5 and 6 units of Kozloduy NPP EAD.

In connection with the commitment to perform the contract activities, EnergoService engineers will actively participate in the Planned Annual Repair of 6 Kozloduy NPP units, which began on September 22. During the shutdown period, the necessary repairs, maintenance of equipment and systems of the unit will be carried out. During the repair, the reactor will be filled with fresh nuclear fuel for the new combustion campaign.