SALTO Peer Review Mission Was Conducted at Kozloduy NPP

From 06 through to 15 July, a SALTO* peer review mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held. It reviewed the activities for ensuring long-term operation (LTO) of Units 5 and 6.

The mission team implemented a thorough review of the documentation, and during working meetings with experts and managers of the nuclear power plant discussed the activities in the review areas of “Organization of ageing management and LTO activities”,“ Scope setting, plant programmes and corrective action programmes”,  “Ageing management of mechanical SSCs”, “Ageing management of electrical and I&C SSCs”, “Ageing management of civil SSCs”, and “Human resources, competence and knowledge management for LTO”.

The review team, composed of experts from the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, and UAE, together with three IAEA representatives, found good performance that will be shared with the international professional community. Suggestions were made for further improvement of the activities implemented for safe long-term operation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kozloduy NPP appreciated highly the IAEA support for the nuclear power plant pointing out that the results from this mission would contribute for enhancing the activities that ensure the safe operation of Units 5 and 6 in the extended lifetime period.

The IAEA Team Leader, Gabor Petofi, noted that Kozloduy NPP staff demonstrated professionalism, openness, and receptiveness to the suggestions for improvement, and that the measures for safe LTO were performed in a timely manner and in compliance with the IAEA safety standards.

This SALTO mission was preceded by two pre-SALTO missions – one on Unit 5, in 2016, and one on Unit 6, in 2018.

*SALTO – Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation