Successfully completed project with “Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Builds” EAD

As the leading partner in the consortium “MGU – Energy Engineering” DZZD, EnergoService AD has successfully completed the implementation of the contract with the subject “Construction and implementation of a monitoring network for Site No. 2 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant EAD.”

The consortium was established between “EnergoService” AD and “MGU Engineering” EOOD, a company owned solely by the Mining and Geology University “St. Ivan Rilski” in Sofia. The activities under the contract were carried out in accordance with the developed and coordinated with the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency “Program for Permanent Monitoring of Site No. 2, approved for the deployment of a new nuclear facility – a nuclear power plant.”

The scope of the project activities executed by EnergyService included: supply of dosimetric, meteorological, and seismic equipment, equipment for atmospheric sampling and analysis of aerosol radioactivity and atmospheric deposition, computer equipment, chemicals, and consumables. Additionally, it involved the installation of the site and commissioning of the equipment, documentary support of the project including the development of an action plan in accordance with the requirements of international standards and recommendations for ensuring a culture of safety, quality, environment, and healthy and safe working conditions, as well as the guidelines and recommendations of the IAEA.