Mirion Rep’ Meeting 2023

From today until September 14, 2023, a seminar is being held in Avignon, France, organized by Mirion Technologies (Canberra) KK.

Mr George Manchev, CEO of EnergoService, participated in the event, the purpose of which is to familiarize the representatives with the news of the global concern. On the last day of the program, a visit to the company’s factory in Lamanon is organized, where the latest product lines will be demonstrated.
You can read more about the events here: https://resources.mirion.com/2023-rep-meeting

XXIII amateur open tennis tournament

On the last weekend of June was held the XXIII traditional amateur open tennis tournament for the Kozloduy NPP Cup with the partnership of Arena Tennis. EnergoService supported the competition for consecutive year, which included more than 60 participants in the following categories: men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles, as the men’s teams were divided according to the age of the players – under and over 50 years. Despite the heavy rain on Saturday night, the tournament was successfully completed on artificial courts with minimal change in format due to the limited number of courts. After the matches played in the group and final stages, the winners in the different categories were:
MEN’S DOUBLES: Champions – Hristo Kazakov / Momchil Kosev
Finalists – Martin Nikolov / Hristo Hristov
III place – Hristo Trifonov / Preslav Marinov & Georgi Pleshkov / Max Hristov
Champions – Emil Ochev / Andrey Kotsev
Finalists – Vlaiko Peychev / Lyudmil Makaveev
III place – Petyo Ivanov / Yavor Markov & Ivan Ivanov / Vladimir Penchev  
Champions – Elena Andonova / Iveta Stoyanova
Finalist – Antoaneta Markova / Silvia Nikova
III place – Emi Abadjieva / Bilyana Ruseva  
Champions – Elena Andonova / Georgi Pleshkov
Finalists – Stefka Boncheva/ Momchil Kosev
III place – Emi Abadjieva / Martin Nikolov & Antoaneta Markova / Hristo Trifonov
The chief referee of the tournament was Ventsislav Dimitrov, known from the amateur chain, Arena Tennis.
Photo credit: tour.arenatennis.com 


The team of “EnergoService” AD congratulates its employees, partners and all professionals in the field of energy sector on the occasion of their professional holiday.

Wishing you health and inexhaustible energy to overcome crises.

Let us continue the development of our engineering activities in support of the clean nuclear energy.


High School Competition on the Topic “Emergency Preparedness – Ensuring Peace of Mind”

High School Competition on the Topic “Emergency Preparedness – Ensuring Peace of Mind”, held under the motto “Nuclear Energy – Secure Future”, took place at the Energy House in Kozloduy on May 4, 2023.

Students competed in three rounds. Six teams participated, each consisting of five members, from the following schools:

  • Vocational High School “Vasil Levski” – Mizia
  • Vocational High School of Electronics “Petar Bogdan” – Montana
  • Secondary School “Hristo Botev” – Kozloduy
  • Secondary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” – Kozloduy
  • Vocational High School of Atomic Energy “Igor Kurchatov” – Kozloduy
  • Vocational High School of Atomic Energy “Marie Sklodowska-Curie” – Belene

The traditional event was organized by the Women in Nuclear Energy – WiN Bulgaria, Kozloduy section.

Participation in a charity campaign

Another successful charity campaign was conducted by the National Fund “St. Nicholas” with the assistance of many companies and individuals.

With the funds provided by the donors, summer rehabilitation camps were organized and conducted for children deprived of parental care, accommodated in social institutions, most of them with physical and mental disabilities.

You can read the full text of the thank you letter here


The team of “ENERGOSERVICE” AD congratulates its employees, partners, and all energy professionals on the occasion of the professional holiday – ENERGY DAY.

With wishes for health, luck, and optimism.

Let us continue our work together in support of the reliability of the Bulgarian energy sector.


State of Emergency in Bulgaria – Corona Virus crisis (COVID-19) #StayHome

Dear Customers and Partners,

In the state of emergency announced on March 13th, 2020 by a decision of the National Assembly, regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic, the EnergoService team is doing its utmost to continue fulfilling its commitments to all its counterparties, while at the same time measures are taken to maximize the health of all employees.

The challenges facing the whole world require a high level of discipline and greater responsibility to ourselves and all the people around us.

From March 13th,.2020, a home office order has been introduced in the company, providing on-call duties for a minimum number of employees in the Sofia and Kozloduy offices, in compliance with the sanitary and hygiene standards laid down by orders of state institutions.

The situation is constantly monitored. Employees are instructed immediately when the situation changes. Disinfectants, gloves and face masks are provided.

I urge everyone to stay home and treat the global threat COVID-19 as responsibly as possible in order to overcome together the crisis more quickly.


George Manchev,


EnergoService AD

EnergoService Annual Awards ‘2019

The management of EnergoService AD presented awards to its employees.

Applicants’ nominations were determined through anonymously completed questionnaires.

Following the vote count, the the prizes for 2019 are awarded to the employees:

 Engineer of the Year

  • Lubomir Pironkov

Office Colleague of the Year

  • Niya Marinova