Landmark reached in Slovak nuclear decommissioning project

By Christopher  Booth

Two Soviet-era reactors at the Bohunice nuclear power plant in the Slovak Republic have been fully dismantled and the components decontaminated for safe storage or recycling.

The work was funded through the Bohunice International Decommissioning Support Fund (BIDSF) supported by the European Commission together with Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and managed by the EBRD.

This is the first time reactors of this type have been decommissioned and disassembled directly on site. The work was completed on schedule and within budget and will provide valuable experience and expertise for other decommissioning work around the world.

Work at the site to take apart and process the remaining equipment and systems will be completed by 2025. Civil structures and power plant buildings will then be demolished, and the area made safe for redevelopment by 2027.


Three Bulgarian Athletes Won Medals at the European Youth Paralympic Games in Finland

One gold, one silver, and two bronze medals won the Bulgarian Athletes at the European Youth Paralympic Games. The competition took part at Pajulahti, Finland, between June 27 – July 4th, 2022.

At the competition the Bulgarian athletes presented their excellent preparation, high spirit and will for victory. A proof of these words is the medals they won. Stoyan Ankov won First place in the 400-meters run, and won bronze in the 100 m sprint. Hakan Osman won 2nd place in the long jump and Martin Hristov get the bronze in the 400-meters run.

The participation at the championship of the Bulgarian Team was supported by AmCham Bulgaria members, including: Cargill Bulgaria, Dundee Precious Metals Bulgaria, Asarel-Medet (via Asarel Foundation), Citibank Europe, Bulgaria Branch, and EnergoService. They responded to the request coming from the Bulgarian Paralympic Federation and personally from its president Mr. Iliya Lalov.

This the second time in three years when AmCham members supported Bulgarian Paralympics. In 2019 at the World Paralympic Games in Dubai, our athletes Ruzhdi Ruzdhi and Hristiyan Stoyanov became world champions in shot put and 400-meters run. The trip and travel of the whole delegation were covered by our members.

source: AmCham