“Botev Cup” 2024

On June 28 and 29, 2024, for the sixth consecutive year, Sports Club “Atom”, Kozloduy, organized the “Botev Cup” 2024 marine pentathlon competition. The event was dedicated to the 148th anniversary of the Botev detachment’s heroic act, Energy Workers’ Day, and June 29 – International Danube Day.

More than 80 men and women participated in the competition, competing in several disciplines: swimming (individual and relay), knot tying (individual and team), throw line (individual and team), tug of war, and rowing with a Yal-6 boat.

Final standings for “Botev Cup” 2024:
1. “Atom” – 4200 points
2. Navy Varna – 3490 points

1. “Legends” – 4140 points
2. “Atom”-1 – 4800 points
3. “Atom”-2 – 3705 points
4. Naval Academy Varna – 3128 points
5. Navy Burgas – 3035 points

Representatives of EnergoService AD participated in the first event of the Bulgaria Nuclear Energy Roadshow 2024, organized by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd..

The official opening took place on June 25, 2024, at the Hilton Hotel, attended by representatives of the Bulgarian government, the Еnergy sector, Hyundai E&C management, and diplomats.

The South Korean infrastructure company showcased its work on key international projects related to the construction of nuclear power plants. The framework for the nuclear project in Bulgaria was also outlined.

During personal B2B meetings, various divisions of Hyundai E&C held discussions about potential business collaboration opportunities with representatives from over 40 Bulgarian companies, including EnergoService.



The Management and the Team of “EnergoService” AD extend their congratulations to all our partners and clients in the energy sector on the occasion of their professional holiday – THE ENERGY DAY!

The Energy sector is one of the key guarantors of national independence and the economic prosperity of our country.

With their hard work and professionalism, energy workers have always proudly represented Bulgarian energy.

We wish all of them health, happiness, professional success, and recognition for their challenging profession!

Let’s continue working together for the development of modern energy in Bulgaria.


Representatives from EnergoService and Hyundai Engineering & Construction held discussions at the EnergoService office today. The main focus of the discussions was on exploring opportunities for collaboration and provision of engineering services by EnergoService in relation to the construction of future nuclear power facilities in Bulgaria.


Representatives of EnergoService are participating in the Symposium for Westinghouse suppliers for the construction project of the seventh unit of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

More than 50 Bulgarian companies participated in the Symposium for Westinghouse suppliers for the construction project of the seventh unit of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant with AP1000® (Advanced Passive Reactor) technology. The event took place on February 20th and 21st, 2024, at the Hilton Sofia Hotel, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

The Symposium was opened by Rumen Radev – Minister of Energy, Delyan Dobrev – Chairman of the Energy Commission, National Assembly, Kenneth Merten – US Ambassador, Alex Nestor – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant-New Builds and Ivan Mihaylov, CEO of AmCham. Senior managers from Westinghouse such as Sean Jones, Oscar Pratt, Ivan Pironkov, Tim Mediat, and Pierre Lepertier provided a detailed overview of the AP1000 technology, the company’s projects in operation in the USA and China, as well as the delivery process and requirements for achieving mutual success

The program continued today with meetings with Bulgarian companies from the energy sector, which could potentially be partners in the project’s future implementation. EnergoService is one of the five companies with which Westinghouse signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at the end of last year, and it is also on their approved suppliers list.

Gratitude Address from National Fund “St. Nicholas”

Gratitude Address to EnergoService AD

“On behalf of the children deprived of parental care, the youth with disabilities, and the elderly individuals living alone, accommodated for care in social institutions, and personally on my behalf, I express our deep gratitude for the compassion you have shown. With your support and humane approach, you demonstrate your dedication to our common cause – ensuring that people in disadvantaged situations receive love, care, and attention. Once again, please accept our thanks for being part of this humanitarian mission in the name of hope, faith, and dreams for those in need. Wishing you health and blessings throughout the New Year 2024.

With respect, Nedka Mladenova, Executive Director”

Mirion Rep’ Meeting 2023

From today until September 14, 2023, a seminar is being held in Avignon, France, organized by Mirion Technologies (Canberra) KK.

Mr George Manchev, CEO of EnergoService, participated in the event, the purpose of which is to familiarize the representatives with the news of the global concern. On the last day of the program, a visit to the company’s factory in Lamanon is organized, where the latest product lines will be demonstrated.
You can read more about the events here: https://resources.mirion.com/2023-rep-meeting