1. Design and installation of a system for heating up and cooling down of the metal of the water chamber and tube bundles of High Pressure Heaters-Chamber type (HPP-C). Client-Kozloduy NPP, main contractor ENPRO Consult OOD;
  2. Upgrade of the Instrumentation and Control Systems at Auxiliary Unit 3 of the Kozloduy NPP as a Westinghouse subcontractor;
  3. Тechnological parameters tuning after the HPH replacement, by modeling the technological processes of the secondary loop for VVER-1000 type units and development of an I&C technical design project related to the replacement of the HPH on units 5 & 6 (2009-2011); principal – AtomToploProect;
  4. Technical state Survey and Performance analysis of Control Valves in Primary and Secondary Loop, Unit 5 and Unit 6 (2009); principal – Kozloduy NPP;
  5. Simulator upgrade with Full Scale Simulation and a Model of KNPP Unit 6 MCR by implementing an Ovation® Control System (АCYТ, YKTC, CIS) (2008-2009); principal – Westinghouse Electric Company LLC;
  6. Design, delivery and implementation of Safety Parameters Visual Indication System(2007-2008); principal – Risk Engineering, subcontractor – Westinghouse Electric Company LLC;