• 2005: EnergoService is established as a Limited Liability Company.
  • 2005: A Quality Management System under EN ISO 9001 is developed and certified.
  • 2005: An agreement for post-warranty service of information and control systems is concluded with Westinghouse.
  • 2006: EnergoService signs a contract for technical maintenance and repair of the Ovation® Information and Control System-the largest and most complex system installed in the world to date. The contract also covers the Radiation Control Systems for Ventilation Stacks 1 and 2 (VS-1 and VS-2) of Units 5 and 6 of the Kozloduy NPP and the Ventilation Duct of the Specialized Treatment Facility at the NPP. In collaboration with Westinghouse Electric Company (USA) and APANTEC LLC (USA) EnergoService completes different projects for the upgrade of the Ovation® Information and Control System and the Radiation Monitoring System.
  • 2006: EnergoService concludes an agreement with APANTEC for spare parts delivery and for modernization of the existing systems.
  • 2008: EnergoService is transformed into a Joint Stock Company with 100% of capital effectively deposited.
  • 2008: EnergoService becomes a full member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.
  • 2008: EnergoService becomes a member of BULATOM (Bulgarian Atomic Forum).
  • 2012: EnergoService signs a contract for the maintenance of the System for Operational Monitoring and Parameter Control of the Primary Loop Chemistry at NPP Kozloduy.
  • 2012: EnergoService signs an agreement with Mirion Technologies and becomes the authorized dealer for Bulgaria for a number of product lines offered by this leading global supplier.
  • 2012 :The company starts implementing an Information Security Management System and achieves certification under the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.
  • 2012: The company registers its logo as a trademark with the Bulgarian Patent Office.
  • 2012: EnergoService joins the Bulgarian Nuclear Society.
  • 2013: Mirion Technologies grants EnergoService a new and extended scope of representation.
  • 2014: EnergoService signs an agreement with Hach Lange EOOD for exclusive distribution of the Hach Lange products for nuclear applications.
  • 2015: EnergoService is listed with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber register.
  • 2017: EnergoService becomes a member of the French-Bulgarian Trade and Industrial Chamber.

Mission & Goals

  • To deliver engineering solutions and products which meet client requirements and conform to the most stringent safety standards for nuclear and conventional power plants.
  • To be a leading nuclear automation company in South and Eastern Europe.
  • To implement on a daily basis engineering best practices for all of its contracts.
  • To be a predictable, transparent and consistent partner.
  • To serve the needs and interests of its employees by pursuing an active social program and by providing opportunities for training and improvement.


  • Share Holders (General Assembly)
  • Board of Directors (BD)
  • Chairman of BD
  • CEO
  • Financial Manager
  • Techincal and Marketing Manager
  • Service & Maintenance Department
  • Engineering & Support Department
  • Administration & Control Department
  • Quality & Management Systems Department


  • EnergoService has successfully implemented and received certification for a Quality Management System under the BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard with the following scope: “Project management, engineering solutions delivery and servicing of digital and analogue control and measuring devices and systems for thermal power plants, hydro power plants and nuclear power plants. Supply and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty servicing of ionizing radiation measuring equipment.” The system supports the continuous drive of the company to develop and improve its services.
  • Following successful execution of a project under the Operational Program: Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013, EnergoService was certified under ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 standardized system for Information Security Management.



  • From the time it was set up in 2005 EnergoService has received numerous positive reviews from its partners in connection with successfully executed projects.