Sixth Annual Meeting with Key Customers and Organizations

On April 12 and 13 this year, the sixth annual meeting on “Engineering providing of systems of management and control at the NPP” was organized at RIU Pravets Resort. Challenges and solutions. ” Special guests Emanuel Boyer and Tommy Talquist of Mirion Technologies, Victor Moisa of MATE-FIN, Romania, Ivan Pironkov of Westinghouse Energy Systems, Jean-Jacques Jourdan and Rosen Rusev of HACH attended the event. Experts Ekim Ekimov, Lyubomir Pironkov, Paolina Ivanova and Georg Baharov took part in the lecture on the part of EnergoService.

The first day of the event started with a greeting from the CEO of EnergoService Georgi Manchev, after which the representatives of Mirion Technologies introduced the company’s product portfolio in the field of radiation protection. Emphasis was placed on the continuous measurement instrument for the concentration of boron BM 501, whose working principle is based on the determination of the neutron absorption rate through isotope 10B. The program continued with the presentation of the project implemented by EnergoService for the construction of a dosimetric control system for the needs of the Specialized Unit “Decommissioning 1-4 Unit” of DP RAW, based on Mirion Technologies technologies. The second panel of the day continued with a presentation dedicated to the portable iPIX gamma-ray imaging system, designed to remotely locate and identify low-level radioactive sources and determine dose rate at the real-time measuring point. The day ended with the presentation of the Second Line of Defense Program by Program Coordinator Georgi Matveev.

On April 13, the program continued with a presentation by a representative of MATE-FIN, who shared good practices on low-level radioactive waste management at the Black Water NPP, Romania. This was followed by presentations by Westinghouse Energy Systems on Digital Control Panels – Design, Challenges, Benefits and Lessons, and by HACH on process electrochemical and chemical analysis of water in energy. At the end of the day Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) introduced the guests to the main goals and opportunities offered by the Master’s program in Nuclear Security – the result of an agreement on cooperation in education and research between UNWE and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).