1. Delivery of lab equipment – рН meter, ion meter type.

Delivery of 3 units of pH ion meters Sension+MM340, made by HACH GmbH,  complete with radiometer combination pH-electrodes “Red Rod” GK2401C and temperature probe for measuring the рН of the coolant in the primary and secondary loop. The objective is to execute the full scope of primary and secondary loop laboratory control activities at Kozloduy NPP (2019).

2. Delivery of laboratory equipment – oil, grease and TPH analyzer.
The instrument is intended for monitoring the oil, grease and TPH concentration in the steam generator feed water systems and in the coolant of the secondary loop of the Kozloduy NPP (2018).

3. Delivery of BOD Direct plus respirometric automatic system made by HACH GmbH intended for determining the BOD5 values.

The system is used for biochemical oxygen demand analysis at the wastewater treatment plant of Kozloduy NPP. (2018).