This policy has been approved by the Executive Director and is implemented across the organization.

The Social Responsibility Policy provides the framework of a system of measures designed to achieve the following:

  • The company will respect national legislation and international conventions as applicable to the company’s business.
  • The company will not tolerate any form of discrimination in the process of recruitment and management.
  • The company will not accept any form of forced labor or child labor.
  • The company will implement the International Labor Organization controls in connection with working hours and payment.
  • The company will not permit the use of any form of physical or psychological abuse аs a disciplinary measure against its employees.
  • The company will strictly follow the rules on contributions to the health and social security funds.
  • The company will not restrict the freedom of association of its employees.
  • The company will provide a safe and hygienic working environment and will ensure the highest level of protection of the health and security of its employees.
  • The company will provide decent remuneration to its employees and will cover their basic needs.
  • The company will require its suppliers and partners to respect the social responsibility norms when dealing with their employees and the public.
  • The company will respect the international agreements associated with labor and social legislation.
  • The company will establish an ongoing process for improving its social performance.